Self-Care in a High-Risk Environment While in Quarantine

By Jovanni Guzman

The COVID-19 pandemic is an interesting moment and unique for many. Within the last several weeks, there have been so many changes. Some of us struggle adapting to change. Some of those changes consist of quarantining at home, either alone or housemates. Now, what about living with someone who is mandated to work at a time such as this one? They risk daily exposure to the COVID-19. They may work at a hospital, as an EMT, or somehow working near a high-risk environment.

Living with someone with this much exposure can create panic and anxiety. You realize that you also experience the risk of receiving exposure to COVID-19. Therefore, you must take some precautions at taking care of yourself. Below are some tips that you can follow to manage your safety while in quarantine:


It is important to express your concerns to whomever you’re living with. Be clear on what your expectations are from yourself and from your housemate(s). You must also play your part in this. If you are setting expectations from them, then you must also be able to reciprocate. Be clear on what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not comfortable with. Some examples can include:

Taking shoes off before entering the home

Disinfecting any items that are brought in from outside

Communicate about possible exposure to the COVID-19

These are just some things to consider when taking precautions to keep safe.


As you’re setting your expectations, it’s also important to keep your boundaries in place. The World Health Organization recommends social distancing. You should also follow that recommendation at home. Come to an agreement on how you and your housemate(s) should/ can interact with each other. If you’re used to doing certain activities together, then consider some precautions you should take to avoid unnecessary exposure. If watching the news and media causes you anxiety, then it’s best to stay away from it. Prevent yourself from using any mediums that may give you access to it. You may want to try to put a block or a timer on these types of mediums to manage your anxiety.

Keep you body and mind busy

Quarantining yourself at home allows for a lot of leisure time. This “down time” can bring about many thoughts in your mind, either positive or negative. If you’re someone who is usually very active, you’ll want to keep yourself busy even though you can’t spend time outdoors. Be creative in what you can do. Prevent agoraphobia. You can look into receiving online therapy. Take a look at that “To do List” you’ve always had but never completed. Here are some ideas:

Clean or organize your room

Read a book

Binge watch that show all your friends have convincing you to watch

Call/text a friend or loved one

Try cooking that meal you’ve been craving

Online/phone therapy with your therapist

Keep mind and body stimulative. This can help prevent boredom and exhaustion of doing absolutely nothing. You don’t want to go stir-crazy, right?

Practicing good hygiene

Of course, the most important tip at a time like this is to remember to practice good hygiene. You’ll want to keep yourself from contracting the COVID-19. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Sanitize all common areas as much as possible. Especially if you’re living with someone who’s risking exposure to the Coronavirus. These precautions are highly recommended. Take a look at the WHO website to see what other recommendations are listed on there.

Hopefully these tips can promote self-care for yourself while in quarantine. It might inspire other ideas to ease your anxiety during this time.