Using Solution Focused Therapy to Start Implementing Change

By Jennifer Grossman

2020 was a year like no year we have experienced before. For many of us, the changes and losses brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak consumed our lives and made it difficult to focus on anything else. 2021 can be a year where you start to focus on strengthening your problem solving skills to help you continue to adapt to the ongoing changes brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Solution Focused therapy is ideal for someone looking to improve their problem solving skills and for someone who would like to focus on the here and now rather than the past. Solution Focused Therapy is also ideal for someone who is results oriented and can be used to address anxiety and stress related to various presenting problems such as career and relationship issues. A therapist that is familiar with Solution Focused Therapy can help you focus on achievable outcomes rather than staying stuck in your current presenting problem.

Here are some ways a Solution Focused therapist can help you achieve your desired outcomes:

● Solution Focused Therapists will work with you to identify how your life would be different after the presenting problem improves.
● They will collaborate with you to identify realistic solutions to a problem.
● Solution Focused therapists will help you identify what solutions you have used in the past to solve problems.
● They will ask you questions that focus on the present and the future rather than the past.
● Solution Focused Therapists will help you identify your strengths and resources to help solve the problem.
● They will collaborate with you to identify what is changeable.

Many people see the start of the New Year as a time for a fresh start and a time to implement changes in their lives. Starting therapy is your first step to beginning the process of change and I am here to take that first step with you!