What Does a Career Coach Do?

By Michael Robinson

How A Career Coach Can Help

A lot of people ask what does a career coach do? The truth is, a lot of us do need career help no matter how long one has been in the work world or how successful one is and there is no shame in admitting that. Finding an ally who specializes in the job search is one of the fastest ways to accelerate that process. These experts have specific training in areas like:
1. Resume building
2. Career planning
3. Motivation

A good career coach knows how to see beyond what you see in yourself and identify the best of what others notice in you all in an effort to help you become a better professional. A career coach is someone who can help you in your career either to advance, to secure a new job, or to transition into a new position. A coach can also be someone who helps you with:
1. Starting your own business
2. Help improve your resume
3. Develop a 30-60-90-day plan
4. Create a brag book to help you promote yourself

A career coach will also help you with your online presence such as make your LinkedIn profile more effective, develop your personal brand, and help you utilize social media more effectively as well as help you get found online by the right people. A good job coach should also:

1. Help with job searches and interviews
2. Help one market themselves to potential employers or clients
3. Help improve and hone in on your interview skills

Career coaches are also responsible for helping you be able to crush a panel interview, navigate a Skype interview, and negotiate a higher salary or compensation package. These are often very scary things to do as an employee. Many people report feeling intimidated when it comes to requesting what they feel they are worth or even standing up for themselves at the workplace. As mentioned earlier, career coaches are also known for helping people who are trying to advance in their current career. The coach should help with things like getting you a promotion and developing and improving on skills you have that are valuable to employers such as interviewing skills. Being able to conduct good interviews is especially important to employers who are in need of new employees quickly due to the pandemic. Career coaches also help you sharpen your skills managing office politics and improving how you present yourself to others all while also becoming a better communicator and boosting your overall confidence.

Therapy and Career Coaching

A therapist and career coach can be one in the same provided they obtain all the necessary education and licenses needed to provide positive professional help to people in need. Both are charged with helping people with specific life areas such as break ups, divorce recovery, addictions, and career transitions. When you are ready to take your career to the next level, I can help you with developing and improving your skill set to do so.