How to Keep the Passion Alive in Your Relationship

By Glendyann Mejia

Oftentimes we meet that special someone that takes our breath away. With any new exciting relationship we experience a multitude of feelings and emotions. The excitement of meeting someone can consume you and you may find yourself spending hours with them, getting to know them. and forming a bond.

In a new relationship, you are driven to be attentive towards your partner and nurture the relationship. But after a while something called life happens and we become preoccupied with the day to day stressors like work, balancing family life, parenting, and other challenges that present themselves. Sometimes our lives become so hectic we feel we are not heard, not seen, and the loneliness creeps in. We begin to feel that there is no passion left or we have simply just “fallen out of love.”

In order to keep the passion alive in your relationship we must first acknowledge that a relationship requires you to put in work and energy. Without that we fall into our daily routines and forget how to connect with our significant others and what the relationship does for you.
Tips for Getting the Passion Back
Here are some helpful tips to begin working on to get that passion back!

1. Connect with your partner: When your partner is seeking support connect with them, even if it’s something minimal like issues at work or upcoming weekend plans. It’s important to allow your partner to feel seen and heard so that this can be reciprocated. It also helps you feel close to your partner in those moments when you may feel there has been some distance between you both.

2. Get to know your partner better: Ah yes! You must be thinking well I already know my partner but do you really? As time passes we fall into our daily routines and sometimes become distracted. However, we are always changing and we are always learning new things about ourselves. So let’s start talking & getting curious. Start talking about old hobbies, new hobbies, future plans, and maybe things that no longer make us happy. Let’s get to know each other as we are now.

3. Practice Mindful listening: Mindful listening helps couples focus on each other and really understand each other’s thoughts and body language. It allows you to fully engage and be fully present in the conversation.

4. Keep it fun: Just because you have been in a relationship for some time, it doesn’t mean you have to give up dates and activities. Be intentional about keeping it fun, have a date night and/ or explore common hobbies where you can both unwind and reconnect.


Sparks won’t fly everyday but if we become intentional about trying to ignite the passion we can surely achieve it. Therapy is a great tool too to help navigate moments when we are feeling lost or confused or need a little support getting clarity. Therapy can help improve communication and develop that connection to get the passion back!