Signs You, Your Partner, or Both Need Counseling

By Jennifer Grossman

During the course of a relationship, it’s common for couples to go through some type of hardships together. Even in the healthiest of relationships, a challenge will present itself at some point. When this happens, couples often think the first course of action is to try couples counseling. Couples counseling can be beneficial to help couples resolve issues within the relationship but couples counseling will not address individual mental health concerns that one or both partners may be experiencing.

Signs that One or Both Partners Need Counseling

There are different reasons why a partner or both partners may need to seek out their own individual counselor. When a partner or both partners are experiencing their own mental health issues that are not being treated, this can have a negative impact on the relationship. One partner or both partners may also be experiencing a stressful life transition like starting a new job and that stress may carry over into the relationship. Here are some signs that it may be time for you and/or your partner to start seeking out an individual counselor:

You notice that you or your partner are experiencing mood swings that are having a negative impact on the relationship.

1. There is little to no communication in the relationship.
2. Stress from work is carrying over into the relationship.
3. You or your partner are experiencing mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression that are preventing healthy communication from taking place.
4. You notice an overall change in your behavior or your partner’s behavior.

How Attending Individual Counseling Can Help the Relationship

Attending individual counseling allows couples to work on their own individual concerns and this can help strengthen the relationship. The role of a couples counselor is to work on issues that are specific to the couple such as practicing more effective communication styles with each other or learning to compromise. The role of the individual counselor is to address someone’s mental health diagnosis such as anxiety so the anxiety does not prevent someone from being able to practice more effective communication styles with their partner.

If a couple just attends couples counseling without addressing their own individual mental health, they are just addressing the surface level issues without addressing the root of the problem. If you and your partner are ready to start individual counseling to start the journey of strengthening the relationship, contact our office today to schedule an appointment!