You Are Aging And It’s Okay

By Yaquelin Castillo

So we have noticed a little more pressure around getting older.
We see our friends on social media posting their accomplishments; someone got married, someone had a baby, someone got a new job and while we might feel happy for them, we also feel reminded that we are getting older. To add to this, we see people we don’t know on social media posting about their accomplishments and we often use this as a measurement tool to what our lives should look like.

More often people are talking about getting older as a negative thing.
We hear microaggressions from family and friends and sometimes strangers and we tend to adopt them as our own. But why do we do this ourselves? We tend to live freely in our 20s only to become more worried as we get to our 30s and older. However, we will soon realize that those intrusive thoughts do not have to be permanent and that aging does not have to be about external accomplishments but also about self-love and being happy with the person we are becoming.

Aging is part of life; it’s the inevitable truth that we all experience.
While we cannot control time, we have the power to control how we spend it. So what can we do now? I know it is easier said than done but these are learned skills. We were not born with automatic intrusive thoughts. We can work on learning how to challenge negative thoughts and find new purpose in every stage of our lives. Therapy has a variety of different approaches that can help us reframe our perspective. Therapy can be supportive and helpful as we go through these life transitions. There is beauty and awesomeness once we let go of whatever is holding us back. You are aging and it’s okay!