Signs You Are Aging and How to Cope

By Gayla Gilmore

One thing I know for sure, after living a fulfilled life, you will leave this earth dwelling. This is one of the many quotes I’ve heard growing up within my family and from other elders in my life. When I was younger this saying sounded so morbid. But as I get older, I understand this statement more than ever before. But as I think about it, there must be a go between being born and dying. Getting older is not a simple task, it involves much more than age, as in the number, it also involves physical, mental, and financial health.

Physical Health and Aging

Physical health is the first sign that we are getting older. The knees and hips begin to ache, you squint more, and you find yourself wanting to stay in and napping more than getting out and about. All are fine, as long as you consult with your primary physician when there are major shifts. See doctors about major aches and pains to make sure you don’t need further testing. Take vitamins and supplements as you and your doctor see fit. Stay in tune with your body.

Mental Health and Aging

As you age physically, so does your mind and mental capabilities. Keeping up with your mental state allows you to communicate your needs and make decisions in your best interest. You may move a little slower, but you should still be able to make major life decisions. Knowing your family’s mental health history can help you understand the shifts, if any, that are happening to you and your mental capacity. Some things that you can do to keep your mind fresh and sharp is to read, do puzzles and crosswords, and communicate with people daily. Your body will let you know when there is a change, once again, stay in tune with your body.

Financial Health and Aging

Financial health is something many do not talk about. One thing that can really stress people out as they get older is their finances. The older you get, the more care and assistance you are going to require. For example, I once overheard an elderly woman in the pharmacy being asked to decide which medicine she would be purchasing, because her insurance was not going to cover both.

Coping with Aging

Coping with all the things that come along with aging can be overwhelming. But lean into it, I know, easier said than done. Talk to your family about your concerns and for comfort, also talk to your friends in your age category for advice. At every stage in life, most people have the same concerns. Share those concerns with friends that can be a support system and share resources that makes aging an easier transition. A therapist can also help you develop and implement coping skills to manage feeling overwhelmed related to the aging process as well as link you to resources to help you with this transition.