Do Not Fear Getting Older | What To Look Forward To

By Yaquelin Castillo
The time has arrived and it’s another birthday, another Mother’s Day, another New Year’s Eve celebration, another anniversary and while these are great memories, they are also a reminder that we are getting older.
Many people now see growing old as a negative thing. Many of us often attach growing old to an end line by which we should have accomplished certain goals to follow social norms. These pre-conceived ideas have been internalized by many of us such us be married by 30 years old, own a house, or have your dream job. But what happens when we have not accomplished all those things? I have met many people who fear getting older due to not meeting their expectations and often worry a lot about the future. I have also met people who fear getting older as they associate senility with sickness. All these internalized biases about aging have impaired us from living fully in the present.
There are many things that we can practice to challenge intrusive thoughts about aging. There is beauty as we grow old and enter new phases in our lives.
-Develop new hobbies to help us stay present to enjoy the moment
-Exercise to keep our body active
-Be intentional with our words and keep our mind active; we do not want to internalize negative ideas
-Keep up with our medical appointments; aging does not mean sickness
-Maintain connection with our loved ones
Fear of the unknown is common and while we should allow ourselves to feel emotions, we do not want to let negative emotions take over our mind.
There are many things in this world that we have no control over. However, getting older is guaranteed. Therefore, if time is going to pass anyway, why must we give it so much power. Instead of fearing the aging process, we can embrace it and live our life to the fullest. Therapy can be helpful to many people as we try to navigate different emotions to adjust to new roles. We can learn ways to stay grounded and live meaningful lives as we no longer feed into the fear of aging. Take control of your life and be intentional with your journey!