What is a Success Coach and How Can They Help Me?

By Jennifer Grossman

Throughout the course of our lives it is normal to set different types of goals for ourselves such as career goals, academic goals, and financial goals. But what happens when we get stuck along the way to meeting our goals? This is where a success coach can be useful.

What is a Success Coach

When we think of a coach most of us think of a sports coach whose role is to help a team achieve their ultimate goal: to win a championship. Professional athletes do not have to be the only people who need a coach to help them reach their ultimate goal, whatever that goal may be.
For example, a student in college may want to progress with their academics and a success coach can help them make a study plan to do so. A business owner may want to increase their revenue and a success coach can help them with identifying and implementing strategies to do this. Regardless of what type of goal you are looking to achieve, a success coach can develop an individualized plan and work with you on implementing this plan to achieve your goal.

How Therapy Can Also Help

Just like with a success coach, a therapist can also help you achieve a goal. The difference is that with therapy, a therapist can help you learn how to implement coping skills to manage mental health symptoms that may be preventing you from reaching a goal. For example, you may be a college student experiencing anxiety related to test taking and a therapist can help you develop and implement strategies to manage anxiety related to this.

Another example would be someone who is looking to achieve higher success in your career and you experience symptoms of depression that prevents you from going to work. Just like with the previous example, a therapist would be able to help you implement learned coping skills to manage the depression. Therapists will also develop an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your goals.


A success coach and a therapist can help you achieve goals that you are having a hard time achieving on your own. If you are noticing that you are also experiencing mental health symptoms, a therapist may be the professional better suited to meet your needs as they can also address the mental health aspect. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, please contact 212-433-2384 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!