Aging Gracefully

By Yaquelin Castillo

Aging has always been with us. However, the concept of how to age gracefully has changed throughout the years as society’s norms and expectations change. In addition, it is also good to point out that we are living longer. We can agree that we also may have our own definition of what aging gracefully could mean. For me, I would define it as aging intentionally, with a purpose as we balance all its aspects. There are different parts to aging such as socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. We want to be mindful that all parts are being taken care of to create a healthy balance. There are a few things that we can try to do to enhance our quality of life to ensure we are aging gracefully.

Tips for Aging Gracefully

1. Staying active. Researchers have shown several times the power of exercising on the mind and body. Sometimes, making a routine can be helpful to keep us accountable to exercise.

2. Creating healthy eating habits. There is a connection between food and health and not just physical but mental health as well. We want to be mindful with our diet and how it is affecting us.

3. Socialize. There is great importance in socialization to develop and maintain healthy attachments. Spending time with our loved ones while respecting our boundaries is important to our emotional part.

4. Create hobbies. We can’t control everything that happens around us, but we can control how we react. Creating positive hobbies can help us cope and manage stressful situations. Finding new things to do can be powerful for our minds and will keep us active as we can feed the intellectual parts.

5. Maintaining healthy sleeping habits. Practicing good sleep habits can help us recharge. We can start by avoiding use of electronics at bedtime and developing a sleep schedule.

How Therapy can Help with Aging Gracefully

Acceptance of things that we cannot change can be somewhat difficult, but you can accept it and find joy in it. Therapists can help you by providing tools to facilitate acceptance and to continue to find purpose in our lives. Mindfulness has been shown to be a great intervention to age gracefully as it helps us regulate our emotions to achieve higher satisfaction as we lower stress. Take control of your life and be intentional with your journey. We are here to help you navigate through different stages of our life.