Leaving the Past Where It Belongs

By Franchesica Bassaw

Roy T. Bennett once said that the past should be a place of reference, not a place where you constantly reside.

Our insecurities can often seem loud in the face of our inability to emotionally regulate and make peace with the past. When that happens, we allow the past to become a centerpiece in the here and now. Living in the present, grounding ourselves, disciplining and taming our minds, allows us the ability to choose acceptance in the face of turmoil. Have you been there? Does that sound familiar? I know I have.

You are more than just your current condition. Your current condition is not your identity, nor does it have to define who you become. What does that mean? Often, we nurture our current state to the point where we feel that it, and will continue to be, second nature. With days turning into months and then months turning into years of unwanted negative feelings, overwhelming anxiety, thoughts of worthlessness and several other judgements/emotions, we can easily slip down the rabbit hole and start to believe that those thoughts and feelings are WHO we are. You are not your current condition. Having anxiety does not mean that you will be anxious forever. Having a negative self -perception does not mean that you will always see yourself as unworthy. But it’s easy to allow that to become who we are to the point that we are unable to see who we can learn to become through the reframing of that thinking. That version of yourself that you’re yearning to become will take work. It’s painful. It is not a quick feat. It’s an undoing of everything you’ve known and everything you’ve told yourself. It may go against what you’ve nurtured because of the environment you’ve been in or simply because you believed that there was no other way, no other option. But there’s hope…and what a wonderful thing it is to believe in the possibility of the beautiful version of yourself that can be.

Remember, pushing past what we tell ourselves is never an easy feat, but it is a journey that you do not have to go through alone. You can choose, at any given moment, to start to live again and to leave that unhealthy mindset behind so that you can begin to nurture your present and shape your future. There is something beautiful and empowering about embracing the unknown and pushing past your own comfort zone. If you are interested in beginning that journey, please contact our office to book a session with me.  There your breakthrough lies.