Cierra Boyd, RCSWI
Florida Psychotherapist

ADHD, Adjustments/Life Transitions, Anxiety, Boundaries, Bullying, Careers & Work Performance, Cultural Diversity/Race Issues, Dating, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Ethnicity & Race, Grief/Loss, Impulse Control Issues, Isolation, LGBTQ+ Issues, Perfectionism, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem/Self Acceptance, Self Identity Development, Social Anxiety, Social Media & Mental Health, Social Skills Coaching, Solution Focused Therapy, Spirituality & Mental Health, Stress Management, Trauma, Work/Life Balance
About This Project


To connect and build a trusting therapeutic relationship is one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences. Struggling with anxiety, stress, and other issues stemming from transition can be difficult to deal with alone. As a clinical social worker, it is my goal to empower, create, and build on strengths to help my clients through these transitions. Together we will work on fostering a healthier future. I find that using cognitive behavioral therapy approaches such as problem solving, reframing thoughts, relaxation skills, and pattern tracking facilitate great success. My dedication to helping others overcome challenges and difficult transitions became a passion of mine early in my education. My love for psychology and how the human mind is impacted by stressors excited my interest in wanting to be a catalyst to create change. I am open to working with a variety of populations. I have experience working with youth, adolescents, and adults.  


As your therapist I will be your resource to help create the best you that you desire. Overcoming difficult transitions alone can be difficult. I will be the support system and safe space to explore ideas and opportunities that will help you reach your goals. Therapy is not always the easiest choice and opening up to someone can be nerve reckoning. Choosing a therapist that cultures a safe space, allows for freedom and openness to be yourself, and fosters the best therapeutic environment. I have experience providing individual therapy for LGBTQ+, veterans, victims of abuse, substance use disorders, and youth diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. In the early process we will get to know each other to better create a trusting therapeutic connection. As you are opening your world and mind to me, I will offer my openness and trust in sharing from personal use of self. After developing a good rapport, the client worker relationship we develop will allow what we know as psychotherapy to feel more like talking to a trusting person. I will not just motivate you, but also create an enjoyable conversation. I will remain committed to you through every step of your journey until together we see that you crush all your goals. Therapy works! Why? Because we work together and two are better than one! 


A touch of who I am can be bundled into two words: committed and caring. I have done volunteer work for AIDS, Breast Cancer, and Alzheimer’s Walks. I enjoy volunteering and giving back to my communities. I take every opportunity to take like by the opportunities it offers me by chasing dreams, investing in myself and others, building my career, and traveling the world. While working and investing in life, never forget to find joy in accomplishments that aren’t so stressful. Waking up and fulfilling my desire to complete a half marathon was one of my most rewarding accomplishments as a teen athlete and one of my biggest goals to crush once again. When I am not taking on an athletic adventure I fall quickly in love with nature and all water views, because who doesn’t like the sound of water and the sweet smell of nature. 



Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, Florida


Wurzweiler School of Social Work, Yeshiva University, MSW


Trauma- Informed Care