Danielle Clarke, LMSW, NY Psychotherapist (she/her/hers)

Special Interests
Adjustments/Life Transitions, Anxiety, Body Positivity, Boundaries, Careers & Work Performance, Caregiver Support, Cultural Diversity/Race Issues, Depression, Ethnicity & Race, Family Issues, Parenting Skills & Family, Postpartum & Perinatal Support, Self Esteem/Self Acceptance, Self Identity Development, Social Media & Mental Health, Stress Management, Trauma, Women's Issues
About This Project


It’s 2022 and social media has decided that it is time for you to begin to do “the work”. After being provided a very vague definition of what “the work” means, you’ve scrolled through hundreds of posts telling you what doing the work should look like, what it should feel like, and maybe even how it may change your life. Social media has a beautiful way of being sort of right and very wrong. The work doesn’t have a specific look and if you are reading this, you’ve already embarked on your journey. As your therapist, my goal is to help you identify what your “work” is, all the ways you’ve already started doing the work, and help you process all the emotions that come up as you continue. The person you hope to become is already within you. I look forward to helping you on your journey to the truest and purest version of you.


Therapy is a time for collaboration; we’ll work together using solution-focused therapy, mindfulness techniques, and psychodynamic therapy to guide you through the completion of your personal goals. Of course, this is your time, so I will pull from various modalities to ensure you are benefiting from the time you spend in session. As a Licensed Master Social worker, I have years of experience in working with youth and families in the areas of trauma, anxiety, depression, family issues, stress management, caregiver/ parenting issues, interpersonal issues, and building self-esteem. In addition to this, I am also interested in helping clients who struggle with women’s issues, black/African American issues, body image issues, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Not only will your sessions be client-centered and strengths-based, but they will also serve as your weekly reminder that healing doesn’t always look or feel beautiful. The results, however, are as beautiful as it gets.


Outside of my career, I am an absolute food lover with an intense sweet tooth. I can spend hours talking about horoscopes, I love listening to RnB, dancing terribly, and watching people discuss societal norms on youtube. Also, I greatly enjoy making myself and others laugh (yes, I said myself. I’m one of those people who embarrassingly snorts at her jokes).


New York, LMSW



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