Jovanna Shaw, LSW
New Jersey Psychotherapist

Anxiety, Caregiver Support, Couples Counseling, Cultural Diversity/Race Issues, Dating, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Ethnicity & Race, Family Issues, Impulse Control Issues, Parenting Skills & Family, Relationship Issues, School Performance, Self Esteem/Self Acceptance, Self Identity Development, Solution Focused Therapy, Stress Management, Student Challenges, Trauma, Women's Issues, Work/Life Balance
About This Project


The first steps towards therapy are truly beautiful as it affirms the commitment of wellness to oneself. My passion for therapy is reflected within my intention to aid others through the ups and downs of their human experience. As your therapist my goal is to ensure that you can practice using coping skills, develop your communication abilities and sense awareness of yourself and others. I utilize different approaches like CBT, coaching, motivational interviewing, and sometimes sensory motor techniques to help you forge a stronger, happier path for yourself. 


My approach to therapy is to simply be your ally. I strive to strengthen our ability to communicate with one another because it is important to me that I am able to see things through your eyes. So, what exactly would that mean? Well, I encourage you to laugh or cry or rant if that’s what you need in the moment. This range of emotion is often the crux of our sessions and will require that we both show up as our authentic selves. This process of allowing me into your world usually means taking on approaches similar to CBT, using open ended questioning and mindfulness. However, my ultimate goal is to hold sessions with a person-centered approach to help you meet your individualized goals. 


When outside of our sessions, I take healthy risks to discover new things that can help me become a happier me. These healthy risks lead me to many hobbies including observing the stock market and playing on my Nintendo switch. However, some of my consistent hobbies include enjoying anime, connecting with friends, and trying new restaurants. Getting comfortable with combining old and new versions of myself has led me towards a rewarding lifestyle and I genuinely want the same for others.


New Jersey, LSW



Rutgers University, School of Social Work