Tianna Murgo, RCSWI
Florida Psychotherapist

Adjustments/Life Transitions, Anxiety, Body Positivity, Bullying, Careers & Work Performance, Couples Counseling, Dating, Depression, Family Issues, LGBTQ+ Issues, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem/Self Acceptance, Self Identity Development, Social Anxiety, Social Media & Mental Health, Solution Focused Therapy, Stress Management, Trauma, Women's Issues, Work/Life Balance
About This Project


Take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel a moment of ease, as I am here to assist you in gaining clarity over your life. Throughout the entire therapeutic process, I will value your being as a whole, mentally physically, and emotionally. The essence of my work is grounded in a deep-seated drive to empower, uplift, and enrich lives through mental health care. I utilize motivational interviewing and behavioral change practices, mended with empathy, compassion, and gentle guidance, to assist you in a solution-based approach. It is my mission as your therapist to welcome you into an environment where you feel safe, supported, and seen. 


I not only recognize but commend your courageousness in seeking mental health care. It is with great pleasure I cultivate a space that encourages vulnerability. We will work as a team to gain clarity in achieving your noted desire for personal development. The beauty of one-on-one psychotherapy sessions is the personalization of care developed specifically for you and your needs. Our collaborative efforts will encourage a supportive environment as you flourish in therapeutic care. I am confident my extensive experience in self-worth development and behavioral change through mindfulness practice and psychodynamic therapy techniques, will leave you with tangible tools to instill continued growth outside of our weekly sessions. The trajectory of our journey together will always be rooted in the truth, you deserve to live the life of your dreams. 


Much of my work is derived from the understanding that we as humans are whole, complex beings, with many beautiful attributes to celebrate. I hold immense passion and great pride for my title as a psychotherapist. I believe I can show up as my best for you, in taking time to care for myself. I often gift myself space to indulge in a good book, dance whenever I can, and travel at every opportunity presented. I love the power of positive self-talk, and in my own practice I wake up every day and repeat to myself “why wait for the perfect moment, when I’m breathing in it, right now.” In sharing this I hope you take away that this very moment is the perfect moment to begin elevating your life.



Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, Florida


Louisiana State University, MSW